Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Visitors

We had the Happiest Halloween this year! My parents flew from California to visit us for a few days! What a TREAT!

We played at the park in the cool fall weather, had a picnic and walked around the lake (with sticks to stir up the mud, of course!)

We did last minute errands for costume necessities and popcorn ball supplies to take to our Church Halloween Bash Friday night.

Grandma was the make-up artist, she did a fabulous job completing the kids' costumes! Savi was a Hocus Pocus Witch, Gunnar was a Zombie and Sydney was Abby Cadabby, from Sesame Street, this year. They all chose their own costumes this year and were SO HAPPY!

This was pre-neck-slash, scary already! I love how in-character he already was. Dad helped him slash up his old clothes and get him dressed.

We trunk-or-treated with our church family this year! It's the only way to do it, in my opinion! I love only getting candy from families that you know and trust. AND THEY HAD PLENTY! No razor blades in my candy bars, thankyouverymuch! ;) Next year, I'll actually get my act together and decorate my trunk with spider webs and what not! There were some awesome ones this year!

Saturday morning we got up and went to the Nascar Hall of Fame uptown. We've been meaning to go for a while. It was interesting to learn about the origins of the sport and how it became a past-time for so many fans, especially in the southern states. Bootleggers, anyone? ;)

This is Savi on a 26 degree slope. Crazy steep!

They had a cute kiddie area where the critters could practice being part of a pit crew. Gunnar was loving that drill! Did you know the gas can weighs 86 lbs? Yowza!

And a race-day qualifier simulation for the big kids! I crashed and burned. I think I should stay UNDER 160 mph. It would be best for everyone! :)

Saturday evening the kids and I carved pumpkins with Grandma while Dad and Grandpa watched some football. I finally perfected my pumpkin seed roasting technique and Gunnar ate about a pound of them. ;P

The big kids did most of the carving on their own this year, and Sydney was very involved helping Grandma with hers. I was so impressed with how cute they turned out.

Sunday, we had some friends of ours come join us for dinner and some low-key Halloween fun. We had Chicken Tikka Masala (and chicken nuggets for the little ones), bobbed for apples, made gauze ghosts and handed out candy....we also had a fabulous pumpkin dessert, provided by our guests! It was a great night, all around!

Love this shot Will. Those kiddos didn't hold back.

Unexpected bonus, they each ate about 3 apples, instead of candy! ;)

Monday, Chris had work, the big kids had school, but Sydney didn't, so we ventured to the zoo in Columbia.

We love our zoo, and even though it is a 90 mile drive, it's worth it. The weather was perfect, around 65 degrees and the animals were incredible to see.

We loved feeding the lorakeets, seeing the flamingos, elephants, bears and penguins.
It was fun to spend the day together. Sydney was on Cloud 9 with all the adult attention.

She loved feeding the goats. I don't know where she gets it from. I hate goats, so does Chris.
Evil, I tell you!

After this encounter, on the way to the sinks to sanitize, she saw a glass fronted case that was a little grimy. She couldn't quite see what was in there. In slow motion (or so it seemed) she lifts her hands to her face, licks each palm (full of goat slime) and rubs on the glass. I threw up a little in my mouth. HURL.

She seems OK so far. But I don't think I've ever felt more sick. Bleck.

Good times, right? One day I will laugh about it, I'm sure.

We're so grateful that our family is willing to take time out of their busy lives to come and make memories with us. We love visitors!

We are looking forward to having house-guests for the next 2 upcoming holidays too! We'll keep you posted on all the fun things we get to do together...stay tuned..