Monday, September 28, 2009

Decisions, Big Ones

This is the stack I ended up with after the 2nd day of The Hunt. We still had 1 more day to go too. I think my bag on the way home was at least 20 lbs heavier because of all the brochures from homes we'd seen.

Charlotte, a virtual wagon wheel or spider's it were. The green line is the beltway - 485 that circles the whole metro area...the red are the main arteries that travel in and out of uptown. After being on a grid so long, I can tell THIS is going to take some time to get used to.
The silver lining? If there is a jam-up or accident, there is always another route to get you there...

All of the roads in Charlotte, pretty much look like this....I believe this is Providence Rd. There is an intersection in Charlotte where Providence and Providence meet and Queens and Queens meet....Confused yet? Good, because I am too.
We saw about 30 homes and were working so hard to weigh everything our family needs & wants. It was not an easy task, but we were able to narrow it down to a few options.
Especially important to us are the schools that the kids will attend, the distance to Chris' job, and to the church (freeway accessibility).
It is a beautiful city, and we are so excited to call it home...soon....
Drumroll, please!
Ta Da! This is our new home (well, pending the close, slated to happen in about 2 months)

...and here is the backyard....can't you just SEE the kids running, playing, and building forts back there? I can.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Autumn

I was crushing so hard on this runner from Bed Bath & Beyond! While I was there picking something up for a wedding off of a registery, I saw this little beauty....Mom promptly picked it up and put it in the cart, informing me that it was her Happy Fall present to me. I just love that woman!! Now everytime I see it I grin from ear to ear and feel that cadbury chocolate melting feeling in my center. LOVE.

Now that the weather is cooling down in the evening and the mornings are crisp, it is finally time to decorate for Halloween. I'll be dragging the boxes out today sometime. How is it that I have more decorations for this holiday than any other, save Christmas??!?! I guess there is such cute stuff every year that I can't resist picking up a think or two to add to my collection.

I am looking forward to;

  • Walks with leaves crunching underfoot
  • Pumpkin bread
  • Helping the kids decide which costume to don
  • Trunk-or-Treating
  • Checking out the various Haunted Villages that seem to pop up in our neighborhood
  • Yummy smelling candles
  • Pulling on a cozy sweater or two
  • Boots with my skirts for church
  • Beef stews and other crockpot soups

What are you looking forward to??

Friday, September 25, 2009

Super Grandma

Oh MY! I knew my Mom was amazing, but she really out-did herself this time. She pulled out this morning, ready for a day long road trip, clean car and all...and I can't lie....I panicked a little...I've gotten used to having her here.

Not only did she fly to my rescue in a time of need, short notice as it was, she ENTERTAINED like no other.

There were movies, park play time, shared dinners with local relatives, aquarium trips, dollar store outings, getting them off to school and taking them to church, t-ball games, skits, discipline support (backing up the things I am already working on), meals, etc. And don't forget the house showings, and keeping the house in order since it's on the market!
Not to mention repairing the damage to the house when a pushy realtor, without a confirmed appointment PUSHED the door open breaking the chain lock by pulling the screws from the wall (while my Mom was in the house)...the nerve!

And when I returned, she stayed on to play, and continued to provide support around the house and with the kids.

I even got to get up and go bowling on Wednesday and leave Sydney asleep in bed. HEAVEN. (and she slept until 11:30am because she had had a late nap and was up until past 1am...brutal) She made us dinner...after I was home! BLISS.

Mom, you are amazing. We love you for all that you are, and all that you do to bless our lives. (And Daddy, thank you thank you thank you, for sharing!)


Phone Harrasment

I'm being harrassed! 3 calls a day, daily, from Citigroup (for over a week now). I pick up, nobody there. This morning, there was someone there....asked for Chris, I asked if I could give him a message. They hung up. WHA?

I called the # back FURIOUS and asked to be removed from their list FOREVER. Has to be in writing. Asked if she could tell me WHY the calls. She said it was probably a retail account like Home Depot or Staples, and I must be delinquient. NOPE. No retail accounts. Never been delinquient....A+ credit over here.Finally figured out that it is connected to the new cards I got in the mail 2 weeks ago....they said their account info had been compromised and they were going to auto-close the account Oct 6 to prevent fraud. I waited to activate the new cards because I had a couple of returns to make....
But 3x a day, and all hang-ups??? Really???...

I logged a series of complaints and suggestions. And managed not to swear...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Notes from the Road

Thought I'd check in while I'm coming up for air.

We are in Charlotte, house hunting. The kids are at home, loving on their Grandma, who is spoiling them without regard. As it should be.

It is so green and beautiful here, rolling hills and tree lined streets as far as the eye can see. The city is laid out like a big bicycle wheel, with uptown being the hub and the main arteries being the spokes, to the tire, which is the beltway. It's very interesting. Lots of history, lots of wonderful things to do for families. We are more excited than ever.

And the people, Friendly! You have no idea. It is the South, after all.

We have seen so many homes in the last 2 days and are really getting a feel for what will work for our family and where we really want to be. We have a wonderful realtor that has spent 8 hrs with us today and yesterday. She has also made herself available tomorrow before our flights leave in the afternoon.

Wish us luck!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fast Forward

There were months of w.a.i.t.i.n.g. Now we're runnnnninnnnngggg.

SO much to do. It's a good thing Chris is so analytical...he has done so much groundwork. I shudder to think what we'd do without it.

There is a sign in the grass out front, a lockbox at the front door. I am ticking off the to-do lists, and running for the phone when it rings....lots of games of phone tag.

I'm leaving on a jet-plane Friday. Mommom is coming to play and love on the grandkids. I bet she'll be as "mean" as me. And they'll love her all the more for it.

Househunting. For real, not just the cyber-space variety. I'm excited.

Keep us in your prayers.

I'll keep you posted.


We have lots to do, lots and lots. Now that the kids are back in school we try to accomplish the out of the house stuff with just the two of us. It's easier that way. It's like a date!

Sometimes, we have to go so quickly, we don't have time to sit at the table and (wait for Sydney to) eat. Luckily, she likes a brown bag snack.

I discovered the mini juicy juice boxes. She.Will.Not.Drink.Big.Ones. Oh, no, she won't. (Did I mention she's OCD?) So in goes a juicy juice - mini size, a string cheese and a bag of dry cereal or crackers.

The day I took this pic, we had 3 visiting teaching appointments. She lasted through them all without any crying, whining or complaining. Happy Girl. Happy Mom.

Snacks. They Rock. They are portable, and make her portable too.

I love my little sidekick!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wheels In Motion

Hmmmm, I guess all it took was a post about how we are WAITING for something to finally happen!

That's right, Chris got the call and was OFFICIALLY offered the job in Charlotte yesterday! We are moving! We are thrilled that it is finally moving forward after all these months.

Now on to the lists of things that need to be done to move our family 2,044 miles! I am just SO happy to be on the way and out of limbo!

Hopefully before the month's out, you'll see one of these in our yard.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Critters For Sale

It's not exactly a secret that the last part of Summer has been a little rough for the Critters and me. They and I were completely ready for a ROUTINE. I kept telling myself that if I could just make it until last WEDNESDAY (that glorious first day of school) that I would be OK. So I clung to that like the rail at the top of a sinking Titanic.

Wednesday came, as it always does....and I did get a break for a good chunk of the day. But come 3:30, the chaos ensues, even worse than before. WHAT THE?

After cancelling movie dates, playing with friends, clearing the house of all candy and banning dessert UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, and pondering a bit about what could be causing this severe misbehavior that no punishment seems to correct, I think I've finally figured it out!

They're not bored, they are not ill-raised, they have not lived in a jungle the last 5 years. They are ANXIOUS, and a bit STRESSED, about the impending move and the fact that we don't have concrete dates yet.

...kinda like me...

We don't have any control at this point. All we can do is wait, and it's making us all a little, teeny, tiny bit, nuts.