Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hello 21st Century!

OK, so I feel like I've finally arrived. After Blurking Hard Core on my sister Kasey's blogspot, I too have decided that it is just THE BEST way to keep up with her, and may be the only way I'll be remotely able to keep in touch with anyone! So, K, here's your props! I'm going to try to use this as a way to keep my extended family and friends posted on the daily going-ons of the 3 critters in my life. They are many and keep me laughing, crying and everything in between!


  1. Yeah! I'm so happy you've joined the blogworld. I was just wondering a few weeks ago when you'd finally cave and join us! It seriously is often the highlight of my day to read posts and see what everyone I love is up to. I'm going to link to you right now!

  2. It's about time you jumped on the bandwagon!!! I'm still holding out for two of my sisters-in-law to jump in ... definitely the best way to keep in touch across the miles - although I could literally spend my entire day blog surfing ;) Do you care if I link you to mine? I always like to ask. Can't wait to hear what is going on with your darling family!!