Friday, May 16, 2008

Back again

It appears I have been neglecting the blog, but as most Moms know, sometimes things have to take the back seat, and lately it has had to do so. I'm hoping now that my routine is getting back to the norm, so will my frequency of posts.

Poor little Savannah was sick with a 103-104 fever all last week and missed school ALL WEEK. Not only was it hard on her, but it threw our whole family's schedule out of whack. Then just as she was starting to get better Chris came down with a yucky cough/achy/cold virus, and I also got a touch of it and fought it hard for a couple of days, luckily it didn't get full blown in my case.

I'd always heard that a routine is so important to a baby because that is the only way they know what to expect and if they don't have one life seems chaotic to them....but I really think that is true for anyone. We live our lives in a delicate balance of schedules, one change in that can send you plummeting. Finally we're all getting back to normal and the kids are out playing on the swings and riding bikes and scooters and I'm breathing a HUGE sigh of relief as home life starts to resemble what it once was.


  1. So glad to hear everyone's feeling better - FINALLY! Love you guys!

  2. Thats no fun having everyone sick. Summer has a fever right now too and it is screwing everything up. I am a huge believer in schedules. I love summer, but all this daylight is also screwing up our schedule. Anyway maybe when you life settles down a bit we can get together again. I miss my baby nat.

  3. Nothing worse than the schedule being thrown out of whack!!! Glad to know you are all back to normal and functioning ;) Glad to see you back - I know all about having to "let things take a back seat" ... I finally got to post the other day for the first time all month!