Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bryce Canyon Day

Last week we had a much needed family vacay.

We arrived Wednesday afternoon and pretty much hung out in the cabin. Played some Uno Spin, checkers and had some tea parties with the Princess Set that lived there. Nice perks, right? They even had a vibrating massage chair in the living room...the kids were really funny with it.

I love that we had a functioning kitchen to prepare meals there, less stress than trying to hunt something up each mealtime like we'd have had to in a hotel. (cheap pans though, next time I'll pack my own....I DID bring my crockpot and tupperware however...)

After dinner Chris took the kids to the lake to try some fishing which didn't go the way they'd hoped. Bummer, they haven't been getting many bites the last few times they've tried... We're starting to think the fish are getting wise to Powerbait...

Thursday was our "Bryce Day". Here we're at the lookout at Sunset Point, about to hike the Navajo-Queens Garden Loop.
As we quickly descended into these switch-backs I decided I was REALLY glad this was a loop trail and we decided to start at THIS end. Much easier to hike down these, than up! There's a narrow slot canyon and some gorgeous stone stairs at the very bottom and then you are at the floor of the canyon.
Here we are about at the floor. We love HooDoos!
This is the view at Natural Bridge. There are so many beautiful pics that I could share, this is one of my faves though.
Thought this was Thor's Hammer at the time, but turns out, it's not... It's HUGE though, this picture doesn't do it justice. It was about mid-way on our loop trail.
More to come, I'm doing this in lil' bits as to not overwhelm you with a Monster Post!


  1. Beautiful pics! Looks like you had a blast!! Your kids are such troopers!