Thursday, August 27, 2009


I always think that the first day of 1st grade is like a Final Exam. On that day, you find out how well you have prepared your child to be away from you the majority of their waking hours. A lot of this depends on their personality, I know, but I believe that the time you spend with them from their infancy through toddlerhood and on to preschool years can also impact how they feel about going out into (what can seem like) the big scary world.

And I'm so relieved to say, that WE TOTALLY ACED IT!

I always walk into the school with the kids on their first day, just to make sure there is no confusion about where they need to line up, who their teacher is, etc. Today, I did the same thing. EXCEPT, as we're entering the school, Gunnar says, "My teacher showed me where to line up Mom, you can go now...." BEFORE we're even close to where the line is. He didn't need me to see him into the building, he was F.I.N.E.
Of course, he didn't get off easy - - I told him "Too bad!! I'm watching you line up with your friends!"

I always thought I'd be THAT Mom. The one that is weepy as she sees her baby off to school. My kids are my world. I LOVE being with them, seeing them develop, enjoying their sense of humor. But, I'm not. Much to my surprise..

I'm so happy that they are confident, social creatures. They both have been looking forward to school SO MUCH. They love books, they love the routine, they love learning, they love making new friends.

I really hope this is a lifetime reality for them.

My critters ready to embark on a full day of learning and fun!

Not used to his backpack...this is what I got when I asked him to *smile*. It looks like he's constipated..
And Savi, yesterday, her first day of 3rd grade!


  1. Great pics...I'm going to do Hudson's Kindergarten post today or tmorrow. I can't believe how much these kids of ours are growing up!!

  2. I love what you did with the pictures! I saw your little Savi while dropping my kids and noticed right away how pretty she was. Thank you so much for your sweet comments and offers of support lately.

    I felt a burden lift when I left my kids at school. With all this stress I hope it will help.

  3. Oh and don't let age fool you Mrs. Crankshaw was one of the best teachers I have ever had. She really loves teaching and the kids and her style makes so much sense! Lucky you!

  4. Yes, we met Mrs. C yesterday, and I think she'll be great for Gunnar! I'm very excited about that placement.

  5. I love Gunnar's face! Coincidentally, Samuel's first day of K picture he was sCoWlInG at me because he wanted to ride the bus home, but I had just reminded him that K was half day for the first week and parents had to pick the kids up... they live in the moment! Savannah looks so grown up in her pictures - cute!

  6. I love Savi's outfits!! what a little fashionista, just like her auntie!! lol...miss your cute faces!! give those kids a big hug for me!

  7. LOVE IT! Way to go only 179 more days to go :)