Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The First of the Lasts

As a family we have continually focused on creating annual rituals for our kids. Things they can look forward to, things they can look back on. Memories that are so pemanently etched into their childhood that they will always recall them with fondness.

One of these is the annual Customer Appreciation Free Tram Ride and Food Drive at Snowbird. It generally happens around the beginning of November and spans 2 weekends.

We bundle up the kids and bag a can per person and head up the canyon.

With the move approaching, this will be the last Tram Ride in our little family's history. I thought about this while we rode up, and realized that it is the First of many Lasts the next couple of weeks. Bittersweet, but life is full of changes, and if we embrace the adventure those changes bring, we will be able to adjust and move forward happily. (Not that we won't miss the way things used to be in a lot of cases)

Here is the tram descending. We've been unseasonably warm this year, look at that BLUE sky!

The view of the Salt Lake Valley from the top.

If you look closely, near the center of the picture you can see a lake...I've never seen it before because it's always had snow on it.
Chris' parents were in town and were able to join us this year. It was great to share one of our beloved traditions with them.

Dad and a very tired Sydney June-bug. Almost done.
Happy Savi hanging on as we ascend.
I wonder what our Charlotte traditions will be! Here's to many more adventures to come!!


  1. What a fun tradition. I may have to steal it as I never heard about the free day (food drive).

    I am sure Charlotte has many fabulous things to do! The people there are lucky to have you!

  2. Thanks for your positive perspective. I needed to read this post today. I am only moving 10 minutes away and you would think I am moving to Africa. You are so positive and upbeat. Thanks!!

  3. how fun! I love that you have traditions. They will help your kids remember their time in Utah. Here's to new adventures!

  4. What an awesome tradition. I am very impressed that you did it even though you have SOOO much to do.

  5. awww how bittersweet!! but i'm so excited for the new adventures and traditions in store for you!