Thursday, October 21, 2010


We've had skies like this, but not much rain. I love dramatic skies.

Sydney has a new friend to swing on tummies with. Our Aussie-Argentine next door neighbor, Gregorio...aka GREAT-OREO. (I can't stop laughing whenever she calls him this)

Crazy girl!

I've been cooking lots of yummy food. Here is my go-to, Tikka Masala. My favorite part of the whole process is RIGHT HERE, where the magic happens...all the spices come alive. Enameled Cast Iron rocks my world.

Much like the weather can't decide whether it's summer, spring or fall, my hydrangeas are a little confused too. Not only have they bloomed again because of the hot temps, they can't decide which color they should be, either.

But I am NOT complaining. My favorite bouquet, EVER.


  1. I love seeing what your up to! I love hydrangea's. Your tree project looks amazing! Your home is going to be so lovely! Love "great-oreo_, that is so funny!

  2. Have to agree, that is a GORGEOUS bouquet....and even better since it came from your yard!

    Great Oreo has got to be the coolest name ever!