Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In Memoriam

Today my hamster Tic died.We gave her a funeral.I am so sad and upset.Tac tried to wake her up but this time she didn't wake up.



Savannah sent this email out tonight, letting our family and friends know of our loss. Tic was the smaller hamster on your left. She lived for almost 2 years (her expected life span) but has been wasting away the last several weeks.

We loved her and she brought us a lot of joy while she was with us. Savannah is having the hardest time of all since she handpicked Tic from the batch of hammies at the pet store.

Tac seems pretty lonely, but the kids are loving her up extra, hopefully she'll be OK for the remainder of the time she has with us!

The kids like to think Tic is happy and healthy in Hamster Heaven!

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