Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to School

To be fair, Savannah had her back to school picture taken 9 days ago, but to me, Back to School was really today, since Kindergarten didn't start until now. I actually have almost 3 hours with only 1 child in my care every weekday!! Sydney and I are thrilled at the prospect of some one on one time. It's so important!

Savannah is LOVING school still, everything about it. She was thrilled the other day when 3RD GRADERS!! wanted to join her and her friend on the playground the other day. lol. Funny how 2nd graders really look up to those just 1 year ahead... She loves her teacher and is already making a host of new friends. We're quickly getting into a homework routine that works, whew. Notice her hair is curled in her picture. She wants me to help her in the morning to get it done up, which is a change from last year when she just wanted to do it herself. Now she wants it just so, and knows I can make it look really nice. I don't think I was as self aware as she is when I was her age....or maybe until I was 12!

Gunnar is our Kindergartener, and was pretty excited this morning. He played on the playground until the teacher came out and asked them to line up. Ran past and gave me a high five on the way to line up. Too cute. One of his classmates at the back of the line was a little more worried about his day, it seems. Just as they were about to go in he started to puke...and couldn't stop. He was at the back of the line and had his Mom right there, but you could hear all the parents saying "OH PLEASE, JOHNNY, DON'T TURN AROUND!!!" Could you imagine, a whole class of 5 year olds puking on the first day of Kindergarten???? Luckily none of the other kids seemed to catch on. Poor kid though, I hope he's not scarred by that the rest of the year.. "Oh yeah, you know, Jimmy, that kid who PUKED on the first day of school?!"

Gunnar did come home a little disappointed. "They wanted me to be quiet and WORK!" Yeah, well, it's not a playdate honey, you're there to learn! I'm hoping that he'll catch on and start to look forward to the fun activities they'll do on a regular basis. He did mention a few things later in the day that he's excited I'm optimistic.


  1. Too cute on both accounts. They look so grown up! Glad they're both having positive school experiences. That's a good precedent to set for a 12 yr minimum haul!

    Can't wait to see you in So Cal! :)

  2. Savannah is such a pretty little girl. You guys sure know how to make cute kids. I feel for Gunnar. What a rude awakening realizing that school is work. Bummer dude-it's all down-hill from here. Enjoy it!!!

  3. I swear I'm looking at pictures of you and Joel. Holy Cow! It's hard to believe how grown up Savannah is. Is she turning 8 on her next birthday?

  4. It was so fun to see a comment on our blog from you, we all need to get together soon, we need to come down there or you guys should come up and we could get Becky and Shane together also. Hooray for the start of school! Carrie

  5. Yes, she will be 8 in about 4 months!! Hard to believe. She has decided to be baptized, that will happen the first weekend in Feb. She is also planning to get her ears pierced on her birthday, as of this week. She keeps going back and forth, she's worried about the pain. 8 is the minimum age for ear piercing in our house....