Thursday, September 11, 2008

Run of poor luck

Well, this post is beyond delayed. We had kind of a crazy run of things Labor Day weekend. We had some freakishly cold weather...snow in the mountains and cold cold temps. While it was blowing in Friday night we got a major wind storm that split one of our park strip trees right down the middle, actually it was 2/3 of the tree that split and toppled off! We have LOVED those trees, put them in a few years back and they have thrived. They are called Purple Robed Locusts and are so pretty. Anyway, one is now so damaged it appears we'll have to take it out and replace it. We've since found out that these trees are pretty susceptible to wind damage so we'll need to replace it with something else. I think Chris has his eye on a Red Blaze Maple.

The next in our run of bad luck is that we had a break in Sunday night. They came into our garage and rifled through Chris' car, took his CDs and some other things from his glove box, rooted around in the trunk....but Chris doesn't keep much stored in there. They also stole the drill set that he got for Christmas and much to his dismay, his Mountain Bike. He was looking forward to getting in a few more rides this month before it gets too cold, but alas, now we are filing with the insurance company and waiting on all of that to shake out before he can replace it. Such a bummer. It appears to have been the work of a teenager, or at least a thief with no car, as they only took what they could easily fit in a backpack. Chris' golf clubs were right next to the bike and were not taken. We filed a police report, but it's not very likely that anything will be done to recover our property. It's fairly low on the police's list of priorities, I imagine.

Finally, our router fried the other day as I was getting on to catch up on email and blogging after a too busy week last week. So, we're finally back up online! Yay! I'll try to catch you up on some of the other, more positive things that have been going on in our lives shortly! Thanks for tuning in. :)


  1. Sad little snapped tree! I love the fact that you have big trees in your neighborhood. It makes me think of Ohio. Then again, we had our fair share of expensive tree problems there, too, so I guess it just comes with having them around the property. I was in the local nursery yesterday picking out some mums for my big pots on the porch and saw some lovely red maple blaze trees. I caressed the leaves, thinking of the maple we had in our front yard....I loved the fall color and the long lasting leaves. Fall is the perfect time to plant one. Then you don't have to water the heck out of it in the spring while the roots are taking hold! Good luck with removal and replacement!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the break in. Its never fun to have personal things taken. D&C 64 should help though.