Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ice Day (S)

Last week we were kept housebound for the better part of 3 days by 4 inches of snow layered with some ice. School was cancelled for 3.25 days and the kids had a grand time "skating" down driveways, shoveling snow where needed and pulling the wagon around in the snow.

Here is the fort they've been building since summertime with fallen branches in the woods. The squirrels love it!

You can see the cracks in the ice as my boot touches down. It was the loudest, most alarming sound just walking around the yard.

My attempt to show the thickness of the ice. I'm estimating it was around 1/2" or so. Not bad on the grass, but on the roads it is deadly.

I love the iced over dogwood...looks like ice berries!

This is sunset on the 3rd day. The snow has melted underneath next to the grass, but it stayed in the teens so the ice didn't have a chance at melting!

I am still avoiding it on my runs in the shady spots over a week later!

I love snow days and a chance to snuggle in with the family for a bit. However, I do not love that we are having to make up these missed school days during previously planned holiday weekends. I would take a long weekend over being cooped up for an unexpected day or three anytime!

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