Monday, January 24, 2011

A Perfect TEN!

A decade ago, this little one changed everything for our family. Savannah Shae came into the world kicking and screaming and didn't stop for about 2 years. We still remember the day (right before Gunnar was born) that we made it to bedtime WITHOUT any meltdowns. It was momentous! ;)

Savannah was always "ooohhhhed" and "ahhhhed" over everywhere we went. Big blue eyes and tumbling brown ringlets attracted a lot of attention. Plus, she was the only child, so her outfit was changed multiple times a day before we went out. Yes, she might scream every time I put her in a car seat or stroller...but she was GOING to be CUTE while doing it. THAT, I could control!

It's hard to believe this was NINE years ago!

Savi has taken to big sisterhood very well and is quick to be the good example. She often takes the higher road during arguments that have a way of popping up on a regular basis with 3 kids.

She is a good friend and likes to spend as much time as possible with her girls. She loves to dance, sing, play Wii, read diary entries, make cupcakes, watch movies and do homework together with friends. I have enjoyed having her friends in our home often and getting to see their sweet personalities and how these girls add to each others lives and happiness.

Sydney and I visited Savi at lunch today to bring Krispy Kreme doughnuts to her classmates.

Tonight we will dine on some Mexican food at our favorite local authentic joint (sadly Cafe Rio is too far away). Next on the agenda will be some old-school roller skating, followed by present opening and Birthday Key Lime Pie at home.

Happy 10th Birthday Savannah! We love you!


  1. Happy Birthday, Savi!! I still remember visiting you in the hospital when she was born. Always loved holding that little bundle when we'd come over. She's growing up to be quite the young lady.

  2. Yay Savi! Happy birthday! What a fun idea to bring donuts to the class. Too fun.

  3. Oh how time flies. Happy Birthday Savannah! We would have liked to have talked to you personally but we were predisposed of at the time.

    Click on this to see a cute picture of Savi playing with Uncle Jeff's shoes.