Saturday, May 7, 2011

Girls On The Run 5K

Savannah decided she wanted to participate in GOTR this year. It's a great program that teaches healthy habits and self-esteem promoting topics to young girls starting in 3rd grade. They also run each time they meet as they train to run a 5K as the final event of the 12 week program.

She made some good friends that were in other classes at school and had a great time running twice a week.
Today was RACE DAY! (Despite having to wake up at 6am, it's the BEST!) Mom gets to be the running buddy/mentor.

Look at all those fabulous little ladies! It was so fun to talk to some of their parents who were nervous because they haven't ever run 3 miles at a time. ;)

Savannah ROCKED it! She kept a positive attitude the entire time and really enjoyed her first race experience.

Right before I snapped her picture she said, "This is my FIRST medal, EVER!" I know it won't be her last! :D


  1. you should make her one of those magnet boards that are all over the DIY blogs lately. Then she can use her medals as magnets! And have you seen those cute magnets that you can make with clear tiles and small photos modpodged to the backs? she would love that...she's the perfect age for that craft.

    Way to go, Savi! Good job, Nat, for giving your daughter an opportunity to participate in a program that promotes GOOD body image, when there are so many bad influences out there for girls right now. Good Mom Medal to YOU!

  2. I love that you girls were able to do that together. Way to go, Savannah!

  3. so awesome!! i super big love that you two did it together, seriously that is so great. what a beautiful example of good health you are to your family!!

  4. Way to go Savannah! How fun that the two of you have something like that to do together now!