Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Hurrah

With the end of summer quickly approaching, we hurried and made plans for a quick get away to the Land Of Waterfalls! Brevard, NC is sandwiched between Pisgah and Dupont State Forest and is basically a rain forest! If you are hiking in the afternoon here, you WILL get wet.

So we put on our swimsuits and quick-dri clothes and armed with ponchos, set out!

Hooker Falls, only 1/4 mile walk from the parking lot. There is a short slide under the falls on the end that puts you right into a swimming poor sunglasses on top of my head were pounded off, never to be seen again! (luckily, they were the $12 variety) This swimming hole was SO DEEP in the center, I couldn't find the bottom. Clear, cool water...just about perfect. Much like the Terminator," We'll Be Back!"

Across the highway (where Sydney just about became a pancake as she darted in front of a Yukon in her excitement, and her Mom scrambled to grab her, succeeding in snagging her by the END of her should have seen her face!) were two MORE waterfalls. It is about a 1 1/2 mile hike to High Falls, with Triple Falls along the way. Gorgeous, gorgeous, but we DID get caught in the rain!

Triple Falls

Sheltered look out, High Falls

Trail mix snack under a shelter, waiting out rain.

The next morning, we checked out of the hotel and went to OP Taylor's right as they opened! The kids were armed with their spending money and the expectation that they could find just about ANYTHING at this awesome toy store. And they were RIGHT!

Two stories, tons of separate rooms that feel like a's never-ending.

You could play for HOURS in this store! Again, this will become a traditional stop whenever we pass through. SO FUN!

Next, we took the kids to Sliding Rock. It is State Park Service operated, $1 admission per person, under 6 yrs free. No food allowed inside anywhere because of Bears, so plan your picnic accordingly!

I have fond memories of doing this in the wild as a kid in Oregon when I visited my grandparents. I also got to do this during girl's camp this year, which is how we found out about it.... It was COLDER than I remember as a child though.... 43-48 degree water! That'll wake you up in the morning!

One last stop at some falls accessible from the road, Looking Glass Falls. Gorgeous! There is so much more to explore in this area, I know we'll be heading that direction again and again!


  1. Loved this post! Brought back my North Carolina Memories! I went to sliding rock and to some of these waterfalls when I worked there! Sounds like you guys are doing great! Maybe one of these days I'll start doing my blog again! haha - Lisa

  2. Looks like fun! There is a natural rock slide in northern California I've been wanting to check out.