Saturday, April 19, 2008

Baby Sale

I have been meaning to do it for a while. I guess I could say that about a lot of things lately..... But in this case I'm starting to clear out the baby gear that Syd is quickly growing out of. ...sniff...sniff....

I just put 9 posts on Craig's List yesterday. I'm clearing out my Baby Bjorn Carrier, Hiking Backpack (the infant size, we still have the toddler one), Johnny Jump Up, 2 walkers, Baby Swing, Bouncer, Safety Gate, and my awesome, can't live without Pump In Style Dual Breastpump. If any of y'all are interested in any of these items I will offer a friends and family discount :) Everything's marked less than 60% of retail to begin with, so they're all pretty good deals.

I also have SO many baby clothes to go through and decide what to save for KC....hint hint....and what to sell or donate. Like I said I've been meaning to do a lot lately, but with pennies getting swallowed and being the soccer mom that I am, you know how it goes. One of these days I will be totally organized and in control. It might be 20 years down the road, but I WILL get there!!


  1. **UPDATE**
    I sold the pump today, and I am meeting someone on Monday to sell the jumper. Woohoo!

  2. Hey, I'll buy the Baby Bjorn from you. $25 is a good deal and navy never goes out of style. Plus it will fit easily in a suit case. ;) Can I pick it up next time I see you? I'll send you a check.

    Thanks for saving me some of your cute stuff, btw. It will save me a ton of money one of these days! I guess there are benefits to being last.

  3. The Bjorn goes to the awesome Aunt! I can even mail it to you if you want. It's pretty light. :)

  4. There's truly no rush, unless you're dying to get it out of your house!

    It's highly possible I'll see you some time this summer now that I've got my [free] wings. ;)

  5. It'd be nice to get to the clearing out stage. I'm in the pack it and save it somewhere for later--just in case--stage. I was packing up some of Ruby's old stuff one day and she asked what I was doing. I told her I was saving the stuff for when we have another baby sometime. So now she's dwelling on that and keeps talking about the new baby as if it's on its way. I'm saying, "Look. There's no baby on the way. It'll be a long time. Stop talking as if I'm going to have one soon." She has managed to confuse a few people that way.