Sunday, April 13, 2008

Home Improvement

Well, it must be Spring because the last couple of weeks have been filled with one project following another. I have to say most of this has been Chris' work, but I've even had a chance to do some things that are usually his domain.
He's built a raised flower bed by our front porch, which I will fill with annuals this week. He's removed the swamp cooler (which we haven't used in almost 5 years since we installed a new HVAC) from the roof piece by piece and patched the roof (not a small feat). He's also patched, resurfaced and painted the hallway ceiling where in vent was and replaced the antiquated smoke detector. He repaired the braces on our poorly constructed (not by us) deck and next weekend plans to stain said deck.

I've replaced the broken light kit on our loft's ceiling fan and had a nice neighbor that lent me scaffolding and another nice neighbor who helped me put up the scaffolding and replace our old fan on the vaulted ceiling in the living room. The new one has a light on it which adds a nice ambiance, especially because it can be dim or bright depending on the "mood" you want to set. ;) You may not be able to tell in the pics, but the glass is tea stain which gives a nice warm glow when the lights are dimmed. I just love what it adds to the room! Most people won't notice it, because it's kind of a standard fan, but it'll be nice to not have a fan that only serves it's purpose (moving air around) and is kind of a blemish otherwise. If that makes sense...
Old Fan-
New Fan-


  1. Wow, I guess it's contagious! So rewarding, huh? Looks awesome!

  2. Way to go, construction Joe!! Looks like you're taking after K :)