Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nose, meet sidewalk.

Poor Sydney went chasing down our lawn on Saturday afternoon. We have a fairly steep hill at the front of the yard and as she started running down her little feet couldn't catch up. She rolled and most of her fell on the grass, that is, except her nose and forehead. The forehead actually looks better now, and the nose is worse (picture above was taken Monday am). The first layer of skin scraped off and was raw, but now it is scabbed up. The forehead rapped pretty good and had a goose egg that has since gone down. It's amazing the difference an ouchie makes on our outings. Before it was, "Aww, she's so sweet, I can't stop staring at her." now I get mixed looks of pity or disgust that I could possibly allow my baby to fall and do that to herself. I'm just glad it's temporary. Only a week or two and she'll be good as new. It's amazing how the body can solve these issues with a little time!


  1. Oh, poor Sydney! Hope she heals quickly and the disgusted looks stop...it happens to every child.

    I was just reminding someone the other day that EVERY baby falls off of a bed or sofa at least once and that he shouldn't beat himself over it!

  2. Sweet Sydney!!! I'm sure she'll heal right up and be good as new :) Don't you just *LOVE* the critical look of others?! Like THEY haven't lived through the same thing!!!

  3. She is so cute, no matter what cuts and scrapes she gets. What a sweet girl!!