Friday, July 10, 2009

Camping Tips #23 & 24

This year marked our 4th annual trip to Aspen Campground, 30 minutes up the canyon from Francis, UT. It is not the main drag into the Uintas, and seems to be fairly uncrowded (just the way we like it).

We do 2 seperate camping trips as a rule each summer, and after so many consecutive trips, I'm finally getting wise to the ways of The Camper. (Yeah, so maybe I'm a slow learner, but I'm ready to share!!)

First off, camping is not camping without the Foil Dinner! They just taste SO insanely GOOD when you're lubed up with 10 lbs of sunblock and bug spray! An added bonus, you prep them before you leave in your CLEAN kitchen, and not on the picnic table that has bird crap, mouse droppings and who knows what else on it!

Here's where my superior camping knowledge comes in!

Spray the foil with PAM, and the food doesn't stick!! Also, wrap in at least a triple layer of foil, that way even if your spatula tears a hole in the outer layer, you're still good.

Here is a pic of one of the kids' dinners before I slopped the gravy on top. I put mushrooms and onions on the adult versions... BEST.FOIL.DINNERS.
You love my multi-colored carrots, don't try to deny it.
Next up. The S'More. Now, I've had a few opportunities this summer to have S'More....but I've found myself wondering WHY they got this name. Sure, it's fun to roast a marshmallow and all, but I found the lack of meltiness to the chocolate left something to be desired. One was always more than enough - I found myself not as excited about it....but I still packed the supplies because I knew the kids were counting on them.
Well, my GENIUS husband must have been thinking the same thing, because he came up with this the last night we were there:
Do you see that little piece of chocolate? He shoved it into the middle of the marshmallow! You have to keep an eye on it and make sure you flip it as it melts, along with the marshmallow. It was PERFECT. They finally lived up to their name. Makes me look forward to camping in August even more. S'More please!

This stream runs right behind our campground, you just follow the trail about 100 yards back. White noise, scenery & entertainment! Does it get any better??

The first morning we woke up and headed out to ride the horsies! This year is the 1st that I've either not been pregnant or Sydney was too small to take along. We finally had a FAMILY RIDE! It was so fun!
Despite some gas being passed, (someone gave those horses Beefaroni, I swear it) we enjoyed the scenery and trotted along for about an hour. Savannah was thrilled to be on her own horse, Gunnar rode with Dad, and Sydney rode with Mom.
We're buds. This was on our hike at Nobletts, we discovered this trail last year, and it's one of our favorites of all time. We just make sure to have our bug spray with us, lotsa bugs up here!! Gunnar was ahead of the pack this whole hike! We were so impressed by his stamina, he's really built up his hiking muscles this year.
He's looking more and more like his Daddy with every day that passes.
Dad handles all the breakfast duties at camp. He's the pancake specialist in the family.

Farmers freerange their cattle up near the campgrounds. It was cute to see all the little calves roaming around behind their mothers. This guy, however, not so cute, and not so little. I was afraid to roll down the window and take the picture. He was foaming at the mouth and making menacing growl-like noises, SKEERY! (I wonder what the MF stands for!? Most fierce?)
This was the best trip to date for our little family. We normally only stay 2 nights, but we did 3 this time, and it was great! The kids are getting bigger and more independant, and it's not SO MUCH WORK to do it anymore. Here's hoping for better and better camping trips as we grow up. It's such a good memory-maker to get out of the house and our normal routines.
Don't YOU want to go camping now??


  1. cute pics! i'm not craving camping yet...but i am craving a smore!

  2. OK, so that looks like the funnest camping trip ever!!! I LOVE the smore idea. Our solution to the "non-soft" chocolate is to use those fudge striped cookies instead of graham crackers, (fudge covered grahams work too)... Anyway, looks like you all had a great time and packed in the fun for only three nights!