Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Best Guy

...celebrated another trip around the sun yesterday! We had a super-busy day, but the weather was beautiful and we celebrated in true Hovik fashion.
The kids were so involved in picking out his gifts this year. March 1st rolled around and they were already discussing what their Dad would like. It has always been really important to Chris to have a relationship with each of the kids individually, and they KNOW what he likes because of how well they know him.

Savi chose solar powered pathway lights for the front walk. Gunnar gave his Dad a Nerf football so they could toss it around and practice for Gunnar's upcoming flag football league.

Sydney chose a pancake pan that has round indentations with animal faces in them. She loves when her Daddy makes pancakes on Saturday mornings!

I gave him a new tie and some Carolina gardening books....he's got a lot of work ahead of him!!

The Birthday Boy spent most of the day getting his hands dirty. I went with him to select 8 shrubs so he could get started on the landscaping on this beautiful first day of Spring! We chose 2 of each, English Laurel, Forsythia, Loropetalum and Viburnum. We're also on the hunt for some good looking Tea Olives. Just the start of many, many shrubs and trees that will beautify our yard for years to come.

Happy Birthday Weekend to our Tree (and Shrub) Loving, Pancake Making, Adventure Seeking Guy!

We love you!


  1. Yea-I love birthdays! Happy birthday Chris. Your home/yard looks beautiful!

  2. Hope Chris had a great B-day! Love how the kids got so involved with his presents- so cute how they really "got" him!