Thursday, March 4, 2010

Marching Along

It's March! Wow.

This is a big month for us as a family. For one, my two best guys celebrate their birthdays this month. They are exactly 30 years and 1 week apart. :) :) (We also have a few other extended family birthdays this month)

Plus, you know, SPRING!

But before all that comes St. Patrick's Day. I am not Irish, nor is Chris, but we do love to celebrate this holiday with a traditional meal. Although, I am somewhat of a European Mutt, so maybe somewhere in there is some Irish blood...which would explain my love of all things Corned Beef.

(this one's from 2008)

Am I the only one who gets excited about this? I can't wait until the Flat Cut goes on sale for $1.49 a pound and the cabbage is .39/lb! Ahhhhh, the yumminess of it all!! My Dad used to make this when I was growing up...maybe it's all the nostalgia talking here.

I'm especially looking forward to the warming trend that is supposed to be happening in the next week. HELLO, highs in the sixties! How perfect will that be? Because, I'm telling you, when I woke up this morning for my run and it was 26 degrees, I just wanted to crawl back under the covers. But, I got up, and out the door...and that is most of the battle for me! I'm in week 3 of my 8 weeks of training for the 10K I'm running on April 10th....and I'm doing well so far.

What are you looking forward to the most this month?


  1. It's not just nostalgia...that corned beef with veggies is the BEST. You know we'll be making it for St. Paddy's day at our house!!

  2. I love, love, love making corned beef and cabbage...with brown sugar/mustart sauce!

    I haven't run ONCE this week, due to being sick. Gonna get back at it this weekend, for sure. Good job on your training!

  3. I've never had it.
    Maybe I'll go eat @ Kasey's on the 17th ;)

  4. That looks delish! Way to go on running. I would have crawled right back into bed!

  5. I've never had that either. But it looks good. I DO LOVE cabbage though. Josh can't stand the smell of it, but an old Kramer classic is cabbage/potatoes/kielbasa sausage. Just chop everything into chunks, throw it all in a pot and let simmer for about 45 minutes in a littel bit of water. Then drizzle everything w/ seasoned vinegar and salt. SO YUM !! If you like cabbage, then you should love this.