Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Sydney is our baby, as in, our last. She is sugar, spice, sassy and sometimes nice.

She and I have also had quite the battle for control going on lately...let's say, the last 6 months.

I knew she was ready to be potty trained. She was waking up dry EVERY morning. She toyed with the idea. First, it was, "When I am 3, I will GET ON THE POTTY TRAIN." That came and went, with nary an hour spent in panties.

I decided I wouldn't change her unless she was stinky, you know, #2. I didn't want her to be comfortable, no sir-ee. Didn't work.

I spoke with her pediatrician about it and she advised I just back off. "Drop it."

I'd been through this before. Twice, actually. When they are ready, it's easy. They basically train themselves. But even with my son, which supposedly take longer than girls, he was trained at this age..

SHE kept bringing it up. I would get really excited, but it would be over by lunchtime. The last couple of times she did it, I barely responded. I was so OVER it....I acted like I didn't really care. But she knew, and told her Daddy on several occasions that when she went on the potty, it makes Mommy happy.

So, what happens the afternoon before a week-long vacation?

You guessed it.

She declares herself "Potty Trained" and puts on the big girl panties. And then proves it. On vacation, staying in a hotel, out and about.

Big sigh of relief over here.

We're so proud of our Big Girl!

And now on to the business of finding where EVERY bathroom in EVERY store we visit is...TWICE.

By the way....we were in the business of changing diapers for nearly a decade!

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