Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's not MY job!

I have grown tired of hearing it. Chores. Not many people love them, but they are inevitable if you want any sort of order in your life. And I love order! I have had the makings of a chore chart and an allowance system that would actually work for the better part of a year now, and I finally pieced it all together!

I don't know about your kids, but mine thrive in a routine. I think most people do. They want to know the How, What, Why, Where, When as much as I do. So, having a place to see what they need to do to get their day rolling has been so nice for them. They are up, dressed, and engaged in doing a job. Responsibility. We all need some.

I found some sheet metal that was about the right size. A board, some super-duper E-6000 glue, magnets, flat glass marble disks, fun paper, and OOPS paint from the hardware store. It was the minty blue-green that I love...and only $1! And maybe the MOST important component: MOD PODGE. The stuff is awesome.

I printed off chore pictures with some words and mod podged them to the backs of the glass disks...once dry I E-6000'd (super-duper glue) them to the magnets.

This is the EXTRA, EXTRA board (all sheet metal). I put mod podge on the back to position the paper and sealed the entire surface with it too. After I assign the kids their chores for that week and they have completed them, they can chose extras for extra $$$, usually .25-.50 each. One day, Savi earned $1 extra...and they don't have to save any portion of the extra cash they earn....straight to spending! It's super motivational, I tell ya!

The paper bows when it is wet, but once it dries it all lays flat and fabulous. It did freak me out a bit at first, but it was all good.

The allowance system is $1 per year of age. They don't have to do anything to earn it, it is merely their allotment as a member of the family. 10% goes to tithing, 40% savings, 50% spending. If they don't do their chores, they lose privileges. That way we don't have any bickering on payday (1st Sat of the month) about who did or did not deserve their pay. And so far, that method has been effective.

Ta-DA! Here is the finished product.

It is working well so far. It has been very interesting seeing how their purchase decisions change when they want a treat at the checkout stand or a toy from the dollar spot when it is their own money and not a hand out. We've also looked at their interest earned on the bank statements recently and they were pretty stoked to see that their money in the bank is actually earning more money for them. It spurred a trip to the local branch to deposit what they had in their piggy banks. They loved rolling all the coin and talking to the teller. The ladies there were really cute with them.

And we, the parents, are thrilled that the kids are learning a little bit about how to be financially responsible and how they should not spend more than they earn. As easy as it might be to front the kids some money for a desired object, it is a much greater boon to them to make them work, save and anticipate.

Isn't the anticipation always the most enjoyable part anyway? At least, it used to be...


  1. that's so cute!! what a great idea! we've just started doing chores for allowance, but i like the system you have going on. how often do you give them allowance? monthly? weekly? and what kind of chores do you have them do? i'm 20 questions today :)

  2. Allowance is monthly. We picked the first Saturday of the month for our PAYDAY.

    Some of the chores that work for the ages of our older kids are, unloading the dishwasher, sweep kitchen floor, setting the table, shoe put-away, pick up play room/living room/family room, vacuuming, sort laundry, wash windows, help make dinner, empty trash, etc. For Sydney; pick up toys, dusting, help Mom fold clothes, wash cabinet fronts...and we will add as her ability level increases.

    I assign 4 per week, and they have to do it as often as it needs doing (determined by me). If they want an extra, they ask me and then I can assign them something that I feel needs to be done that day. Then the magnet goes on the bottom of their section and I pay them weekly for those things.

  3. have you ever used ? it's done magic for our family.

    no i don't work for them.

  4. YAY for a system that is working for your family. i saw another chore chart/ fiscal responsibility system on a blog a few months ago and featured it on my blog. i just seriously dig parents teaching their kids these kinds of life lessons. i really wish someone had shown me how to manage my money better when i was younger, it was a hard lesson to learn as a young adult.

  5. oh i forgot to thank you for stopping by my blog today. i like this whole follow back thing i have committed to doing.

    Also my next swap is a Favorite Things Swap...end of Aug i will post sign ups. i would love to have you join. i am sure i will do another game swap too...maybe in Dec.

  6. Natalie, I just bought a book that I am loving (even though I feel a little late in reading oldest is 16-better late than never) and some of your ideas are in this. Thought you might be interested in the book (if you don't have it already). It is called The Parenting Breakthrough by Merrilee Boyack. It has really made me excited about parenting and has made for a fun summer teaching our kids different tasks.

  7. Your chore chart turned out just perfect and oh so cute!
    Way to go cheeka!