Friday, July 2, 2010

Road Trippin' : Myrtle Beach

It was officially the first week of summer, and we decided that it was high time we take a trip to the beach, especially because it's only a 3 hour drive. Myrtle Beach is well known around here for being very touristy, but we thought, "we have to start somewhere".

Thanks to our frequently traveling Daddy of yesteryear, we have all kinds of Hilton Points accumulated and those perks are paying off big time. Especially for our first year in new territory. We were able to book a room at a really nice resort in North Myrtle, so the kids had their pick of several pools and a hop, skip and jump to the beach, literally.

WHY in the world do resorts put pools right next to the beach, you ask? I used to wonder the same thing. And now I KNOW why. Salt, sand and wind can cause an itchy situation, and sometimes, you just don't want to deal with it. You know?

BUT. It was a wondrous thing to see my babies being tossed to and fro in the waves, and squealing with delight every second.

We ended up going to one of the el cheapo bargain beach stores to get some more boogie boards the next day so the kids didn't have to wait their turn for our one and only (originally purchased to use on the snow hill). We also got shark tooth necklaces for all the critters for the amazing price of .69 each. Made in the Philippines! ;)

Digging for sand crabs. Sadly, we never did find any. Maybe next time!

This one. Ah! I can't believe it took us 3.5 years to get her to a beach. She was so sad when we were checking out of the hotel. She said she wants to live there forever. I asked her "Is it because you like that we're all together?" She says, "No, because it has a beach!"

We spent most of our last full day not at the beach, but at one of the pool areas....this fun water-park was included with our hotel stay. It had a fun lazy river, 2 slides and tons of water contraptions the kids could control. It was so perfect with the breeze coming off of the ocean, if you were wet, you stayed cool.


  1. so fun!!! I can't WAIT to take my kids to the beach!
    A little trick for getting sand off BEFORE it gets in your car: baby powder! Sprinkle and rub it on your legs, arms, whatever, and the sand falls right off. It's the only way we do the sand park anymore!

  2. Looks like such a fun vacation. I have heard fabulous things about Myrtle Beach.

  3. Ummm your making your new digs sound so amazing. You must be loving your new place. Myrtle beach sounds dreamy!!