Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cousin Capades

Thursday before we headed out to the coast to see Dad, some of us got together at a park that has a fun fountain and sand boxes and we reacquainted Sydney, Levi and Hayden, all about the same age. It's hard to believe that these kids were just starting to sit up last year when we were all together, now they're off and running! The older kids just picked right up where they left off. It was a fun couple hours of sun, sand, water and watermelon!

There is nothing better than a cousin vacation. (unless you're talking about a totally kidless vacation to Costa Rica :)) My kids are already talking about when they are old enough to trade off between homes for a week or two at a time. "Is that 10, 12? What do you think, Mom?? Huh?" We have 10 cousins and counting in the same area of CA on my side of the family, and they are really good at getting together when we come to town. It is sometimes chaos, but it is nice to see them relating to each other, and building the friendships that their parents have hoped they would develop. Here's the whole bunch. We're just missing those Florida, soon to be Arizona cousins!


  1. Cute pic Nat, wow the Cline clan has definitely grown. Sounds like you guys had fun on your trip. :)

  2. What a crew! There's always one that doesn't want to have the picture taken, huh? :-) When you put on your vacation hat, the chaos is so much easier to roll with! Gotta love all those great lookin' cousins. Soon, we'll be able to hop in the car and be there with ya' from Florida!