Sunday, June 1, 2008

tHe RuLeS, by Savannah

Our Sweet Savi wrote her own version of the Family Rules on her whiteboard today. She is my pleaser, and therefore needs a set of rules to follow so that she can make sure she is doing everything expected!

Here they are, misspellings and all...although not as many of I normally would expect! Her spelling is getting better the more voraciously she reads.

Family Rules:

1. no fiting
2. no hiting
3. no kicking
4. no scraching
5. no pushing
6. no chompping
7. close your mouth when you choo
8. no punching
9. no throwing food
10. no pulling hair
11. no yelling at Sydney
12. no yelling.
13. no saying bad words, like the s.word (stupid)
14. no friends on Sunday
15. no playing in the springklers unless it is 80 or hier
16. help our family or others
17. no coloring on the wols
18. do not stand on your chair
19. love others
20. love your family
Thank you!
Pretty cute huh? I love my little rule enforcer.


  1. I love those moments where you get to peek into your children's minds! What a sweetie!

  2. That's awesome! I'm amazed she came up with 20 from memory!

  3. Thats super cute. I can't wait for little moments like that when Summer learns to really talk. :)