Saturday, August 2, 2008


We have 2 trips that we take every year, it's a tradition that's been going on for the last 3 years and we are looking forward to doing the same trips until we're old and crusty!!

The kids love it because they can remember the previous years and really look forward to it. The site we went to has a little creek running along the back of it that is perfect for walking around in, the kids spent alot of time moving logs around and trying to build a dam this year. The water is FREEZING and was a bit high because of the cold Spring we had this year. We're still seeing a lot of snow melt. Our neighbors had a couple watermelons cooling in it, and the kids were so amazed. "Mom, there are wild watermelons growing in the creek!!!" LOL They also did a lot of balancing acts on a fallen tree right next to the bank. In the same hour Savannah's flip flop broke and Gunnar lost one in the fast moving we had only hiking shoes after that. Dad rigged Savi's shoe and one of the campers we canvassed looking for Gunnar's shoe ended up finding it and brought it back the next morning. Shoe drama, there's nothing worse!!

Sydney LOVES being outdoors and was in heaven. Of course she believes she is a big kid too and takes off after her bro and sis. So Mom was on full alert the whole time. She also thought it was so cool to hang out in the car and turn all the knobs and press buttons.

We hiked to Donut Falls which is a waterfall that comes through a huge rock with a hole in the guessed it, a donut. On the hike we found a log that had been carved into a seat, but they called it a throne. The kids imagined that we had to make it through all the booby traps on the hike, like red ants, stinging nettle, steep hills and thorny bushes before we could claim the throne on the way back. It made for good motivation when they were tired out. See "Savi the Triumphant" above.

We had a couple of young moose saunter through the site and hang out for a while snacking on trees and bushes. We saw a lot of butterflies, ground squirrels and birds, all of which the girls were fascinated by. Gunnar had a littel squirrel-guy friend that chattered at us too.

After we'd packed up camp we headed up to Silver Lake to try some fishing. It was a HOT day and the fish weren't biting so we hung out for an hour and headed on home. Maybe we'll catch some little trout to fry up next time.

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  1. What a fun tradition that your kids will always remember.

    I still have fond memories of some of our camping trips we took when we were little - mostly that 3 week road trip in the big brown van when we all became experts as making and breaking camp in record time! Remember taking that little trolly bus to the general store for candy at the Grand Canyon? And the rain at Estes Park? Will Smith's 'Parents Just Don't Understand' a million times in the car? Toilet paper football at the Grand Canyon? Fun memories. And 4 yr old Jordan getting left on the side of the road. 'Not fun' memories, too! ;) LOL

    You are very cool parents and your kids will remember that.