Monday, August 11, 2008

My weekend

I just returned yesterday from a weekend in CA with Sydney, and my sister Kasey! She is the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, let's go kind of sister that you can't help but love!

I was planning on a quick trip to go to my friend Christine's wedding and excited to see my parents and siblings again after our visit in June....however short. Turns out, my parents headed to a funeral at a moment's notice (it's not like you can plan when those happen) and I ended up staying at their beautiful home without I was thrilled that just 2 weeks prior, K had heard I'd be swinging through and it just happened to coincide with a business trip she was traveling to this week. She added on a leg to her trip and the ticket ended up costing less. Bonus.

So, we did shopping, dining, movie-going with a couple of my S-I-Ls, wedding attending with my bros families and road tripping. It was nice to just have 1 child along for the ride too. Anyone with 3 kids knows, that 1 is a vacation!

Plus, then the kids get some Dad time and know what it's like to miss Mom. THAT is always a good thing!! They picked us up at the airport and we were so excited to reunite....Then I walked in the house and saw THIS....

Can you believe it?? My dear husband (who detests shopping in every form but online) actually went to a store, with 2 kids, and purchased a dining room table and chairs!! Which we sorely were in need of, and are perfectly aligned with my tastes!!!! I'm still a bit shocked. Oh, and the house was clean too! :)


  1. Nat, I had so much fun seeing you this weekend. Of course it is always fun to see you. Syd is so cute. Anyway one of these days I'll upload my wedding pics. Love ya, Lisa

  2. Woo Hoo! Nothing like a little love to make the momma happy! What a sweet treat -- even sweeter that you didn't have to make it happen! Can you believe I've never seen your home? Sheesh. Next summer, we'll be in Utah in July for a Davis reunion. We'll have to make time to see you, too, on one end or the other. Last week of July.... Love, S

  3. Nat, nice table !! The hub did good :)

    Your kids are so adorable :)

    Deb (The Woogit)