Sunday, December 14, 2008

Adolescent Humor

The kids and I took a quick trip to Wally's World the other night. On the way back to the kid's dept. you have to pass the Women's undergarments area. I noticed that my 2 older kids had slowed down and were whispering and giggling to each other. (we have passed this area many times, and they have NEVER had any reaction)

Me - What's so funny guys, did I miss the joke?

S&G - (pointing) - THAT's funny... hehehehhehehhhehehhe

Me - Why? It's just underwear.

S - EVERYONE knows underwear is FUNNY, Mom!!

Me - Oh, I thought it was JUST underwear, silly me....

S - It's FUNNY because if someone pulled off your clothes you would just be standing there in your UNDERWEAR!!! hehhehehhehehhehehhehe

Sigh....I guess they are really getting to that age.


  1. Yep, I know. Just wait until your oldest has a first crush. It's pretty interesting! You did well to remain emotionally neutral, which works will in most situations..... Is there another path to the kid section? Maybe the long way around the groceries? :-)

  2. I suppose I should be happy that mine still say...OOOHH Yuck...Someone must be HUGE to fit into THOSE...

  3. Hey, what's under there?---UNDEWEAR? Ha, ha, ha, ha, I got you say say underwear!!!!

  4. Well...I almost hate to admit it, but I taught my Kindergarten kiddos a song with UNDERWEAR in it...but in my defense, they can all spell and read the word "white"...

    Wanna hear it? Here it goes...

    White as snow,
    Polar bear,

    And yes, the UNDERWEAR part is always the loudest!