Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa, Baby

Oh, the excitement of Christmas Eve-Eve, as we call it around here. It's palpable. The kids are home from school all over each other. Dad is home from work and we are having holiday fun, including the annual building of the gingerbread house and neighborhood gift delivery on Sunday afternoon...followed be jib-jabbing ourselves into dancing elves that evening. We laughed so hard we just about cried!

Yesterday we called a sitter and Mom and Dad escaped for Sushi lunch at Mikado (best I've ever had!), followed by a Matinee showing of Twilight (my 2nd time, Chris' 1st...am I the only one who didn't notice the author's cameo the first time around??)

This morning the kids had so much energy we decided it was time for some extreme sledding in Dimple Dell (for you non-locals we have a large ravine with horse trails about 1 block away that provides some excellent runs). We dragged our sleds out there all bundled up and went whooping down the trails. We all stayed warm despite the falling snow. Although we had a couple of close calls, none of us fell over the drops of the trails. A handy scrub oak saved our bacon a couple of times. So, we've dragged our tired out legs back up the hills and back home and are now in for some holiday relaxing.....together......(contented sigh)..

Happy Christmas Eve-Eve!!


  1. Whoo hoo! What a fun time! PS: That gingerbread house is too pretty to have been made by children.... did Mommy do all the frosting? :-) I love that they look forward to that tradition! Merry Christmas Eve and Day. Love the Hoviks lots!

  2. Yeah, I noticed Stephenie's cameo the first time. :) Did you like the movie better then second time? Or were you self conscious because Chris was judgin'?

    Fun, fun Christmas traditions!

  3. S- too pretty??? LOL This year I let go of the control and let the kids do MOST of it, and the frosting was lumpy to boot. This year's house was the saddest ever....but the kids had a great time! I'm glad it photographed well. :) Happy Christmas Eve!!

  4. K - Of course YOU noticed :) I actually liked Twilight better the 2nd time. I think I was so distracted the first time by the changes in the story from the book that I didn't sit back and enjoy the cinematography and such. This time I enjoyed the view and it was much more entertaining. Chris has read Twilight, so he liked the movie, although he said it seemed low-budget. He's used to all those Bond movies though... :)

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  6. Okay - I guess compared to the Wolf and Bear Scouts fiasco we had at the beginning of this month, it's gorgeous! We had houses falling over, boys who couldn't spread icing for anything and lots of them who just plain destroyed the ingredients. Pretty discouraging for what should have been a decoration for them to take home to their families. And lots of wasted money. Sigh. So THAT house looks beautiful!