Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wishlists Granted

Santa brought movie cushions and a DVD for each child, and filled stockings with blow up punch balls, (2 of which popped promptly when punched into the tree), horns, bubble tape, arctic animal shaped chocolate, new undies (even Syd, Santa must know her Mom wants her to potty train this summer) and shapeable bath soap! The kids were beyond excited.
Savannah and her Cabbage Patch Kid. I was her age when I received my 1st one, and this year is the 25th Anniversary edition....she smells just like the ones I had as a child, it takes me back..and makes me feel OLD at the same time. She introduces her as "the newest member of the family, Dinah Carma, born on Nov 8th 2008." (who comes up with these names, anyway?) Another notable gift was the Hannah Montana Guitar...more on that in a later post. :)

Gunnar and his Speed Racer set. He and Dad set this up and he's spent many happy hours with it already. He also loves his "treasure box" from his sisters and his Operation game.

Sydney with her play makeup. This girl spends hours painting nails, putting on eyeshadow and blow-drying her (and her doll's) hair. The kit came with a battery operated dryer that makes noise and blows, ever so slightly. She also received her own baby along with a stroller, bassinett, diaper bag, and travel seat, and is busy being a little Mommy. I've never seen her play with any toys with such an attention span before now. WOW.
Mom received a new camera among other things, and is thrilled to have this new tool to document our many adventures. Dad received some new noise cancelling headphones, a ripstik, and some PC games (thanks to our EA hook up, love ya K!).
We are so blessed to have all that we do. We are especially grateful for each other and our family and friends near and far. We know that the greatest gift we have been given comes from Jesus Christ, and we are tremendously grateful for his birth and the time of year that we have to celebrate it so abundantly!
We hope you and yours are enjoying the season!

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  1. Wow, I almost picked up a Hannah Montana guitar for Savi's upcoming birthday, but didn't - glad to hear I'm on the right wave length!

    Be careful on that ripstik Chris! I've seen seen some nasty injuries from those bad boys.

    Looks like you guys had a fantastic Christmas! Can't wait to see you soon!