Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Room Parent

Sadly I don't get to volunteer in the kids' classrooms as much as I would like, with the baby (toddler, now) around. I keep telling myself that when Sydney is in school, that will be my time to help out. This year I told the kids I would help with A party in each of their classes. I helped for Halloween in Gunnar's and the "Winter" Party in Savannah's.

I found a cute idea online at Betty Crocker to make Sugar Cookie Snowmen Faces. They looked pretty simple, and yummy! The kids loved them and were so excited. I was really glad I bought 2x the amount of Gummy Lifesavers that I thought I would need because they were gobbling them left and right. They are really yummy!

I was so tickled at all the creative ideas they came up with. I made a sample and told them they could copy that or come up with their own plan. One girl made an alien with 3 eyes, and licorice cords connecting them. Another boy just stacked mounds of mini M&Ms on his until they wouldn't stick anymore. One cute boy asked if he could make an extra one for his little sister....this melted my heart, so I let him....only he proceeded to eat that one too about 5 minutes later. Oh well!

I just loved getting a look at Savi's world and spending time with other kids her age. I think I really like 2nd graders, there is such a frank honestness about them that pulls you right in.


  1. I am also not in the classroom as often as I used to be. Seasons... but any presence is a good one. I love the kids, even 6th graders. I got to moderate group discussions on "A Tale of Despereaux" in Matthew's literature circle every Friday for a month. I really like the kids in his group. Amazing children and sweet, to boot! So glad you have made some memories for them with your cute craft and creative skills!

  2. Savannah's teacher read Desperaux aloud to them in Nov and Dec. She can't wait to see the movie. Maybe next week we'll catch a matinee with the kids. That's great you are able to be in the classroom, with 5 kids, and as young as mine, I am impressed!!