Thursday, May 14, 2009

3rd Kid

I've been having Mommy Guilt.

My 3rd child has NEVER had her picture professionally taken. I used to be a professional. And I've taken her picture. But somehow I don't think she's going to buy that. Is she going to be upset with me when she is older? Is she going to accuse me of not doing it because she wasn't the 1st child? Maybe.

I meant to get her pictures done around her 2nd birthday, but it never was convenient. (when is it, I ask???) The days I planned to do it (3 seperate occasions) she was always grumpy, had a bump on her head, etc. Her current picture on the wall is of her in the office chair, just after turning 1. I've done a few sessions, but haven't found one that POPS , you know what I mean...

Until this, last week, totally candid. Isn't this wall-worthy?

Let me know what you think.

I think it captures her, heart and soul. (I played with it on Picnik, love that site!)


  1. I think that's perfectly frameable!

  2. That is a GREAT picture!! She is too cute!!

  3. great picture.
    Yeah I'm the youngest of 5 and didn't see a baby photo of myself until my 13th birthday. When I was 12 I went to a beehive sleepover and we were supposed to bring a baby pic of ourselves and my mom had to send me with a pic of my brother because she didn't have any of me! I finally got a little album of pics from my grandma for my 13th birthday.
    life gets crazy. Don't forget to get pictures of it though, professional or not.

  4. Meg, I actually have taken MORE pics of her as a baby total (since the age of digital cameras)than my other kids. We went digital when Gunnar was about 9 months old. Just never in a studio.... :)

  5. Hi Natalie--fun to read your blog and fun to visit with you at the shower!

  6. TOTALLY adorable...just want to pinch those cute cheeks!! And love the look in her eyes. Just perfect!

  7. Cougar has yet to step foot in a studio but I definitely have more photos of him than any of my children. The only time poor Kendyl has been in a studio is for "group" shots.

    BTW I think the photo you posted is perfectly adorable!!!