Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cavity Free

It is with great relief that I post this today.

After Gunnar's announcement last week that he had discovered an easier way to "brush" those teeth, that didn't EVEN require a toothbrush.

"OH REALLY?" I said. "What is it that you've been doing? Because if there is NO BRUSH involved, you can't really call it brushing..." (Thinks to self, maybe I should be standing over him making sure he's been BRUSHING).

"It's so cool Mom, I just squirt a little toothpaste in my mouth, and a bit of fluoride and SWISH. Two steps in one! It's super fast!!" (so excited)

Aaaaaccccckkkkkkk. "How long have you been doing this?????? That's SWISHING, not BRUSHING."

"For about 3 days."

Sigh...... "Well, let's hope you don't have a cavity. You're going to the dentist NEXT WEEK."

Prayers involving "please no cavities" ensue on the part of the young man of the house.

Looks like despite his awful tooth hygiene (for at least 3 days) his prayers were answered!

Both kids are cavity free! Gunnar has NEVER had one. Savannah has now been on a year-long streak. (Poor girl had some enamel defects that have since been taken care of, whew.)

Savannah had sealant put on the 4th molar that wasn't all the way in last lets hope the streak keeps going. Yay!


  1. way to go mommy!! you should celebrate with some super sugary treats!

  2. this post reminded me that I was supposed to make our family dental appointments like 2 months ago. Oops!