Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

WOWza. I'm behind. We've been having too much excitement around here, and I've put anything and everything possible on the back burner. Apparently.

There are a couple of things I wanted to share with you though.


I love how she worked so hard to appear to know that she shouldn't have been into the nail polish on her own. In the end she couldn't keep it up though....she was simply tickled pink that SHE DID IT.

It was realllllllly quiet for about 10 minutes after I'd put the big kids to bed, so I went looking after her, and she was in my bathroom sitting on the toilet lid painting her toenails, toes, feet, and some of the lid. She was also stinking the place up in a huge way (and not just with nail polish). P-U!

And this...

The J3s came to visit! To those of you who are UnInClined, I have 4 brothers, and all their names start with a J. Growing up, my parents just resorted to the # system so they didn't have to be mocked for their constant Je-Ju-Jo-Jor-J stutter when trying to yell at one of the boys with their correct name. It stuck, and now that they are all married with cute little families of their own (all with the same last name), it's just easier this way.... But I digress.

My little brother married a beauty and somehow ended up with one of the most darling children ever to walk the earth! Hay-Hay is so deliciously cute and infectiously curious it's hard to keep your hands off him. (Course ALL of the cousins are beautiful, they can't help it....I am a bit biased though)

See what I mean??

Who needs a creek to go creek-walking when you have the boulders? (this is our neighbors park-strip, hey, I guess you don't have to weed or mow it)

Right after this picture was taken, he noticed a jogger going past, and said, "You runnin?? I can run too!" And proceeded to chase her down the road for about 100 feet before I caught up to him! He's a kick, and he's in perpetual motion!

J3 and Chris pulled out the Ripstick for a little playtime. I swear, I'm scared of that thing.....It looks fun but there's a good chance I'll break an arm or leg if I get on it. I need to get brave before I have a go.

Hay-Hay and Mommy. He's gonna be a Big Brother in a few months! :) We had so much fun with them and are glad they came to play while they were in town!


  1. Hayden is yummy.

    I don't think I ever heard Mom or Dad Yell J1, J2, etc....but I ALWAYS saw those monikers written on the calendar for dentist appointments, parent teacher conferences, etc. It's funny that when I see J3 I still have to say in my head, "Judd, Jesse, Joel...oh, it's Joel."

  2. Cute! Looks like fun times! We really need a Utah trip...maybe this time we can go out!! That was the most random "honeymoon" ever...good times =)