Friday, May 15, 2009


Overheard by a fly on the wall...

(Sydney, who detests wearing soiled or wet clothing approaches her Mom, who is doing the dishes, with a DOUSED shirt on....)

S - cold, take off!

M- Oh, did you spill? Okay. (Mom removes shirt)

S - (standing there, whining) cold, cold, cold.

M - Well, are you gonna go get a clean shirt to put on? Or are you gonna be LaZy???

S - lAzY!

Proof positive that she can not only HEAR you, she UNDERSTANDS you. Time to dial down the sarcasm...


  1. What a little sass! Just like her mommy...and her auntie. You get what you give!

  2. At least she was honest about it! What a cute girl that Sydney is!

  3. HA! Love the unexpected sassy response!

  4. That's too funny... Do you just laugh all day at the funny things your kids say ? ( in-between all the fighting, cleaning, cooking, running in the car...etc... ) I can't wait for Noah to develop his little personality. And if he's anything like his mama... I WILL have to dial down the sarcasm...

  5. Love the attitude!! Sounds like she would fit right in around here ;)