Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Foliage

We ENTHUSIASTICALLY support Child Labor!
These guys raked, jumped in, and bagged 3 leaf bags worth of the crunchy stuff for $1 a-piece. 2 Hours of Productive Play-time!
When everybody wins, everybody's happy!
That cute little blonde is Savi's BFF, Rachel. :)


  1. My yard will be about 20 bags, but I can afford it if they're willing!

  2. so cute!! and man, what a bargain! send them this way...we could use a few extra hands :)

  3. I'll double their pay-send them on over!

  4. We are all about child labor! Can Jackson come...or maybe he ought to go to Lenice's house.

  5. Peronsally, my fave is FREE child labor. We do give Hudson some $$$ from the change jar when he's extra helpful but it's especially nice when he wants to pitch in and does expect any dough!