Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Grand Adventure

Anyone who spends any time with Chris, knows that he has an adventurous spirit. He is always up for a physical challenge, especially when it involves nature.

He has wanted to hike the Grand Canyon since he was a boy. He finally had the opportunity to go with a group who annually hikes rim to rim. And he jumped all over it.
The group started out at 6am, on a 25 mile hike. Straight down, across, straight up. Most hikers tackle this in a 3 day trip.
Who knew there were waterfalls in the Grand Canyon? If I remember correctly, he said this was about 6 miles in.
Crossing the river....bottom of the canyon.
The sign says not to try to hike in and out in the same day, as it could be dangerous to your health. He laughs at this sign...maybe not literally, but he did just as it advises not to.

This is the last leg up the South Rim....switchbacks...this deer just hopped onto the trail to check things out and he happened to snap a picture at the right time. :)

And here is the group! He was invited along with some business associates who are obviously like-minded. Some of these guys have hiked this 20 times. Amazing!
Chris had quite an experience...it was cool to speak with him by phone as he finished 1st in his group, in just over 10 HOURS! He was so high on adrenaline, and I could tell it was such an emotional experience for him to conquer that canyon! I know he will always remember it, and possibly return for another hike one day.
We are proud of our super-expeditioner!


  1. that's SO cool!! what an accomplishment!! although i'm not surprised that he totally kicked butt! congrats chris, that's amazing!

  2. That is SO awesome! I don't know that I'd ever seen a photo or the rim taken from the bottom of the canyon. Good job, Chris!