Friday, October 23, 2009

Try Something New

Soooooometimes....I'm really happy in my comfort zone.

It's safe there, and uh, comfortable.

But the older I get, the more I realize that the amount of risk in any given proposition is directly tied to the amount of possible reward.

That being said..I REALLY never had any desire to try Sushi, EVER. It took some persistance on Chris' part. He really wanted me to try a few years ago, I think right before I was pregnant with Sydney, I agreed to try it.

We went to some strip mall sushi came highly recommended...and it was Ohhh...Kaaaaayyy but I was not overly amazed.

Then I was pregnant, so I didn't even think about trying sushi again for a long time. Until, a Mikado opened up in Sandy. Chris was really fired up to try it out. So, we had a lunch date during Christmas Break last year.

This place was/is AMAZING! They use Crab in their California rolls, not Krab. Makes a big difference. I finally discovered why peeps tend to get so passionate about was YUM-O here!

Since then we've gone about 3-4 times, and instead of just going along for the ride, I really enjoy it! See? It pays to try something new every once in a while...just like I tell my kids, "How do you KNOW you don't like it, if you won't even try it?"

This is our spread from last Friday night. That red sushi with the globs of orange on top? Tuna. So buttery, melts in your mouth! The little orange balls? Flying fish eggs, they snap.crackle.pop in your's like a mini-party in there. And if you decide to take the plunge and give it a try, make sure you add a slice of fresh ginger to your California Roll, deeeeee-lish! And the Miso Soup is a great starter!

Peee Essssss......No octopus right out of the tastes like a rubber sink stopper that's been at the bottom of the ocean for like 20 years. Ewwww...


  1. I WANT to like seems like such a hip thing to do. I just can't. I had a California roll and a dragon roll. EVeryone else was ooohing and aaahing and mmm nom-nommmming and I was like, "I AM HUNGRY. This is like a tablespoon of rice, salty paper-stuff, and a bite of fish. Gimme a cheeseburger!"

    I"m glad your experience was better than mine, perhaps I'll give it another shot...someday.

  2. seriously...i miss sushi sooooo was the one thing i would indulge in once in a while. i'm pretty sure my ibs flared up just looking at the pics!! love you!

  3. I'll try something new...but it's NOT gonna be sushi!

    I think trying sushi is a lot like trying anything new. For me, it has to be my idea and I have to be totally ready to love it. Kind of like a new exercise routine or a diet. No toe-dipping. You must dive.

    I'm glad you found something new that you love.

  4. I don't like any seafood! This is pretty enough to make you want to eat it.