Saturday, January 9, 2010

3, It's The Magic Number!

The caboose on our baby-train, the 3rd critter, is 3 today! Happy Birthday to Our June bug, Peanut, Sidekick, Syd !
("I am not Honey! That's Daddy!")

Equal parts sugar and spice, she keeps us laughing and on our toes.

Her 3-yr old favorites

Favorite Food: Chinese, specifically Beef Chow Fun

Favorite Treat : Skittles

Play Time: Swingsets, Dollys, Vacuuming with Mom and Building toys (like legos)

TV Show: Clifford Cartoons

She is so happy when Daddy comes home and runs to greet him at the door as soon as she hears the garage. She likes to help clean house and run errands. She loves the tickle monster and cuddle time with Mom. She is stubborn, old soul that she is, and will tell you she "PREFERS diapers" when prompted to go on the potty. (We're still working on that one.)

She is the icing on the cake of our family, and we love her like crazy!


  1. We love Syd! Hope it was a fantastic birthday!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYD!!! we love you and miss your cute little face!! hope you had an awesome day!!

  3. aww she is so cute! happy birthday to her!

  4. What a cutie! I love that she "prefers" diapers!
    Dave, Lisa, Summer and Jace

  5. I drove by a van just like yours today and missed the Hovik family. Hope you are well. happy b-day Sydney!