Saturday, January 23, 2010


Well, as you can see, I caved.

I caved to the pleas of my critters for critters of their OWN.

Meet the new pets. Tic on your left, Tac on your right. Roborovski Hamsters. Dwarves. Seriously cute. Seriously fast. And from what we hear, not nearly as stinky as their cousins.

The kids are BEYOND excited. It is a little terrifying for the hamsters, with all the poking fingers and screeching voices, especially because they are nocturnal and the kids wanted to play first thing this morning. Hopefully everyone will adjust.

I do know this, any pets in the family, are in actuality Mom's responsibility, wish me luck. ;)


  1. Good luck with that!

    Have you thought about how you will handle your first eulogy? lol

    my tips:
    *NO napping with them
    *NO spraying chemicals on them
    *NO swinging them around in a drawstring bag

  2. Bwahahahaha! I know. Seriously. Their life span is about 2 years, so sooner or later...

    It'll be bad when one dies. The kids are already so in love with them. They are also reallllly fast and I've explained these aren't the kind of hamster that you can cuddle with and let roam about. They're more for watching. I will let them handle them when I'm there though.

  3. are you SURE they are the same sex? Everyone always starts out with just two...


  4. My kids beg and beg for a pet weekly...I was considering bunnies and my husband about killed me. Just remember (and remind them) what a nice mommy you are for caving :)

  5. Way to CAVE!!! WAHOO!!! And any type of rodent as a pet is a definate cave. Kenai brought home a HUGE gopher head yesterday, so we will have to keep him away from your little critters. They are SOOOOOO cute!