Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Breakfast Table

...and so much more!

Here is proof, that if you look LONG enough, you will eventually find the table that exists only in your mind.

It is square in shape (doubles as a game table).

It is counter height (so snacking kids can see the tv over the back of the couch).

It is not too big or too small for the space you are filling.

The cushions are scrub-able.

It is THE perfect color to match the cabinets that surround it.

The chairs can also be used at the island.


It comes with a MaTcHiNg Lazy Susan.

We HAD to get Chinese Food for FHE last night to give it a WhIrL... :D

Love it!


  1. It is perfect!! Yay! Did you get any extra chairs for the island? That would be a nice back up for when you have company.

  2. Yes, I forgot to mention, we purchased 2 extra chairs, but they were out of stock. They should be arriving this weekend.