Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Girl With a Hammer

..and nails can be a dangerous thing. But also, a good thing. As hard as it is to un-decorate the house of all the Christmas things, it is necessary to maintain how special that time of year is.

Once we got everything down, we realized we were missing a few pieces to finish decorating the house. I had seen some things around town the weeks prior and hoped and prayed they were still there. I was lucky in all 3 cases! Love it when that happens.

And so, I set out to display these items as I had imagined them. Here are the results...

This 9-pc set came together. I love how the different greens/blues/red-browns complement the paint, couches AND wood. PLUS, they can be spaced however you like and create a larger piece of art.
Here is a closer shot so you can see the patterns...they are all on solid wood 12"x12"x3" blocks.
We put our Peace Lilies up on the plant shelf to absorb some of the echo that the high ceilings create.
These are 11 x 14 frames, but the wall still dwarfs them.. I love seeing their cute faces every time I go up and down the stairs.
It complements the paint in the dining room perfectly and...
it's my favorite flower! I couldn't walk out of the store without it. Physically impossible.

This wall can be seen from inside the Master Bedroom and the hallways, as well as the main floor. I wanted something to draw the eye to the arched shape of the cutout. These mistrals fit the bill perfectly. An unexpected bonus, they play on the swirls in the chandeliers throughout the house.
This is the arch of the window above the shutters on the landing of the stairs. I can see these trees night and day....it's it's own art. Can't wait til Spring when all the leaves come on.

It's really starting to feel like HOME. <3


  1. Your new house is beautiful. I'm glad you are having a good time decorating and enjoying your new city. You really BLOOM wherever you are planted don't you?? :)

  2. how nice to be getting settled in. Did you find a table yet?

  3. Meg, YES! I DID!! The table is one post down...I'm a bit behind, so I did 3 posts at once today...

  4. Love it! I have a 9 piece over the piano and it anchors something large perfectly - good job getting it straight and level!!! And the kids on the stairs and the mistrals are great, too! And when you find something perfect, it comes home with you, without at doubt. VERY fun - love it!

  5. Yes. Straight and level is the key for those multi-piece sets. I've gotten very good with a level and measuring tape lately!

  6. I love the hydrangea picture! You are going to be one happy camper in the Charlotte area. They bloom May through October and are the most gorgeous blue. Check out what happened to mine in just two years: http://seguinelines.blogspot.com/2009/05/flashback-friday_29.html Happy planting!

  7. It looks great. I love hydrangeas, too. I'm still looking for finishing touches for my house.