Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Every Blooming Thing

I love hydrangeas, they are my favorite! In Utah, Chris planted two Endless Summer bushes for me...even though they didn't do so well in that dry, hot climate. I had to hand-water them most days in the summer to keep them from drooping, but it was worth it.

Our new house in Charlotte came with 2 already in the ground (among other things).
Big smiles!

Chris has been hitting them with Miracle-gro since Spring, and I finally found a vase that displays them correctly. 2 thumbs up for Ikea!

We also planted some hibiscus at our Utah house that I LOVED. They bloomed in July for a few weeks and I looked forward to it, short-lived as it was.

So, for Mother's day my cute family gave me a pink (with fuschia centers) Rose of Sharon, and for my birthday I got a white one with fuschia centers. I now have a little sunshiny corner of the yard that is all mine! And a sweet reminder that "they love me, they really love me!" LOL

They can eventually grow to 10" tall by 6" wide!

The best part about this variety is that they bloom incessantly ALL SUMMER LONG!

What are your favorites blooms in the summertime?


  1. I've discoverred that I am especially partial to things that bloom in blues and lavenders. They're so intense and seem to last longer than things that bloom in other colors. Funny.

    You're getting some wonderful tradeoffs to living in humidity!

  2. I like how yours are purply!

  3. I cut some of my hydrangeas and they lasted in a vase for 2 weeks. love them!