Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm PopUlar!

I feel like I'm finally coming up for air. My week of birthday started early this year. I got an email from a friend letting me know that a group of 35 ladies has purchased Wicked tickets together before I moved in, and someone wanted to sell theirs and go out of town, would I like it? The timing couldn't have been more perfect, the Saturday before my birthday. Chris has already seen Wicked, and I have wanted to go FORever! Early birthday present!

So, a smaller sampling of the group got together for soup, salad and breadsticks at the good old OG and on to the show! To say that I loved it would be a colossal understatement! It was amazing! I only wish I could've seen it with the original cast, including Kristin Chenoweth as Glinda, or Guh-linda, depending on when in the performance we're talking about. That part was so obviously written for her!

While I was at the show and gallivanting with my girlfriends, Daddy was entertaining the critters on his own. He took them to the Latta Plantation and Raptor Center. They had a wonderful time, despite collecting multiple mosquito bites all over their bodies. They saw folks dressed in period wear, and got to see how a loom works, play old-time games, etc. Fun had by all, including Chris, who swears he was born in the wrong time period. How he wishes he could get up to a big breakfast, work the north 40, get his hands dirty and his brow sweaty for his living! (too bad I have no desire to be a farmer's wife, huh?)

And a few days later, my ACTUAL birthday arrived. Chris and Savi made the cake all by themselves, and it turned out delicious! We added whipped cream when we served it.

Chris and Gunnar picked out this fun wall sconce for me, it's now hanging over the fireplace! JUST what I needed. I also got some books from my girls (they know how Mommy loves a good read), birthday money from my in-laws (that I spent on some fun new summer clothing at Steinmart), a watch from my parents, a running magazine and magnetic measuring cups from one sister, and a sweet charm bracelet from another sister.

And, my biggest surprise, from my sweetheart, was a little blue box. The first of it's kind I've ever received. Inside, a gift card to Tiffany & Co. I think I'm gonna pick up this little number on a 20" chain later this week...

The kids got their faces painted at Sticky Fingers, the barbecue place where we had birthday dinner! It was a fun side-benefit to a fun night, that also hosted a torrential springtime downpour!
I feel so spoiled, and so loved. I don't get it when folks don't like getting older and would rather not even mention their birthdays. It seems the older I get (and the older my kids get), the more fun my birthdays are! My kids anticipate it so much, which is totally contagious. I am so grateful for loving and thoughtful family and friends who made this birthday extra special.



  1. You're popUlar, so loved and so spoiled! I love the looks on everyone's faces in these pictures! So happy you had a great week!

  2. Cute pics! I love what you picked out from T&Co (which, btw, looks like "taco" from far away)!

    Your birthdays are so fun because all of the love you spread around comes right back to you....you get what you give. :)

  3. Haha, K! My friend Shanda pointed that out too when we were browsing the catalog together. It's okay, I like tacos too! ;P

  4. Oh you deserved a happy 'day' (ahem....week :))
    I'm glad it turned out so great and you were able to be spoiled a bit because you deserve it!

  5. yay!! so glad that you had an amazing birthday! its just too bad we weren't there to celebrate with you! we love you guys and we miss you TONS!!

  6. What a fun b-day week. It sounds like you are fully integrated into a circle of friends and activities. I wouldn't expect anything different. You look darling-glad you're so happy!!