Saturday, June 19, 2010


Last night around bedtime snack (a nightly occurrence in our home, thanks to Gunnar), we came downstairs and into the kitchen to find THIS stuck to the back door's glass.

Meet Kermit, American Tree Frog. Have you ever seen/felt one before? VERY COOL, suction cup toes! This was our first encounter with one up close and personal....and now we know what kind of frogs have been making a ruckus in the back bog after the rains come down.

We're loving all the new critters found in these parts!

Just the other night the kids (and their parents) had their first brush with Lightening Bugs. We're not wise to the ways of Catching Lightening Bugs yet, but our friends and neighbors have given us some good tips, and we hope to be playing with them a lot more this summer!