Monday, June 14, 2010

On a Date

The theme for the day: Kayaking!

Recently we joined a babysitting swap with two other families that have kids around the same ages as ours. Basically, we watch all 10 kids one Saturday, and get 2 Saturday 4 hour blocks in return. It's chaotic, but the kids really love it, and it's given us some time to actually have a date without the added expense of a babysitter. We've done dinner and a movie. We've done Sushi and Best Buy to shop for a new TV....and THIS time...we did something adventuresome, the kind of thing we love to do best. AND the other swap couple that wasn't in charge of the kidlets joined us! BONUS!

Do we look like we share 7 kids between us? No, I didn't think so either! ;)

We live a few miles from The US National Whitewater Center, home of the largest man-made re-circulating river in the world.

It also butts up against the Catawba River, where we practiced some Flat-water Kayaking.

Chris liked the off-shoots the best! We followed him everywhere, even to a septic smelling little corner of the river, where you had to practically lay back in your kayak to go under the pipe in the way....we turned around really fast though!

And because it's been a looooooooooong time since I've been kayaking, I didn't worry about my legs when applying the sunscreen, just like I do before a hike, except this time, I REALLY needed some. Owies. (at least I wasn't the only one) Chris says, "Take off your socks! Oh yeah, you already did. Chuckle, chuckle."


  1. What an awesome idea! Looks like a lot of fun too.

  2. OUCH!! oh my goodness lady that looks painful!! but it sounds like a blast, so that's a plus!!

  3. ouch! take off your socks...funny!

    what an awesome idea, the whole babysitting swap!

  4. that was such a good time I must say! I think I'll steal that picture of us from your blog and do a post myself...:)

    Sorry about your owies--that is a pretty stinkin' cool line you got goin' on there I must say!

  5. How beautiful. What a fun date night!!