Thursday, August 12, 2010

Football Camp

Gunnar has found a sport that he loves! And the awesome part about it is that he is BUILT for it. Linebacker, anyone?

He played flag football this Spring and had a pretty good time. The team he was on seemed to have fallen apart half way through the season...alot of the boys didn't come...and he still loved it. I'm hoping to put him on another team this fall and hopefully he'll have a better, more well-rounded experience. We think next year he'll be ready for Pop Warner Football, which is the tackle, pad-wearing variety around here.

In that frame of mind, we signed him up for a week long 1/2 day football camp the last week of July.

I drove 30 minutes (15 minutes home...reverse commute)) at rush hour every morning and dropped him off at this field. With complete strangers.Yes, there were other kids there. Yes, there seemed to be responsible adults in charge. But it still tugged at my Mommy-heartstrings a bit. Didn't seem to bother him though.

It was also pushing 100 degrees by noon each day when I picked him up. We sent him with snacks and a big bottle of Gatorade each morning (water was provided) and he seemed to survive....although he did get reallllly sweaty!

He even made a couple of good friends. We got to meet them the last day when the coaches and some of the families went to a nearby pizza place for lunch after the program.

You'd have thought these guys were NFL stars the way he was so excited to be around them. Hero worship at it's finest!

We're proud of our little guy and his excitement for sport. We're looking forward to seeing him grow and develop in this area.


  1. That's awesome! Being dropped off at Day Camp with a bunch of strangers is kind of a rite of passage, no? It's like the first day of school with a higher teacher/student ratio!

  2. How awesome that he's found a sport that he loves. Huds is currently in the phase of liking every sport (though he's attempted few). Way to go, Gunnar!!

    P.S. Just checked your blog earlier to see if I'd missed happy you posted tonight!

    P.P.S. My verification word just now was "framp". Does that mean I'm a frumpy tramp?

  3. it's always amazing how resilient kids can be when we are cringing inside. what a fun camp for your kiddo....and YAY for hero

  4. I bet your girls LOVED a boy free zone for awhile!
    Football. The best perks of the sport (if you ask me) are the snacks you get to eat while you watch. And I think it is so cute when they start wearing football pads and they are still little kids.