Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Beautiful Day

In case you've never seen a Carolina Blue Sky, here is a prime example. You're Welcome. :)

The day was unbelievably gorgeous today. I only wish we weren't continuing our 87 day streak of temps in the 90s.

Our main man is out of town at a wedding and said it helps to see blog updates, especially with pics of the critters, so this is mainly for him.

A small town near us held their annual Fall Festival today. I heard last year they all wore jackets! (note, a year ago this weekend, Chris and I were in town house-hunting, and it was raining too)

Isn't this awesome? If his head had been turned around it would have been even funnier. The kids had just disappeared through the crack!

Bouncy houses! The girls were practicing all the flips and flops they've been learning in tumbling and acro class, and Gunnar was following right along!

Huge slides that we slid down on pieces of carpet. Talk about a carpet ride! I even got to go down with June-bug.

The kids played some carnival games and earned some sweet tin, I mean GOLD, rings!

June-bug loves anything that spins her around in circles. Look at that FACE! Pure joy.

My strong-man going for it! It's not easy, I couldn't even make it go half-way...

Before we left, we braved the line in full sun for at least 30 minutes for a turn on the Euro-Bungee. At first only Savi had the guts to try, but we managed to talk all 3 into it. They loved it, so worth it!

Savi did back flips the entire time!

He said he was scared - but does that expression tell that story? Nope, I don't think so either!

Sydney loved it, although she looks a bit cautious here, she was whooping it up!

The best part, it was all FREE! Thank you, Town of Stallings! We'll be back next year!

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