Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It's a LOVELY word...isn't it? One of my favorites, for sure!

We made sure to get in a last hurrah the final week of summer. "This is the BEST day of my life!" was heard several times a day for 5 days running from a certain boy in our home. We bowled, swam, watched a movie WITH popcorn (and not just a dollar theater one, either).

We had play-dates, ate out at Chick-fil-A and a trip to the dollar store. Let me tell you, when your kids are bored and want to spend their allowance on water is the best place to go! I can't take credit for the idea, it was ALL them...but it kept them busy for TWO DAYS during the hours we were at home!

Yes, they drew faces on them with Sharpies. It's a water balloon family!

After a busy week like that, we were ALL ready and excited for school. We had done our school clothes shopping, our school supply shopping, and our meet the teacher/orientation/ open house. (where I shelled out more money for agendas and tee-shirts and class funds, oh my! I left the school that day, fresh out of cash and feeling rather poor)

And so, the morning arrived. The day she started fourth grade and he started second.

Look at those SMILES! They were just as big at the end of the day, and every day the last week. I'm proud of these kiddos. They get up, get dressed and fed on their own. They have been so diligent about their battles, no tears. (crossing fingers that this continues)

And just for reference, here is last year's photo... Oh, how they change! It's hard to see day to day, so I kind of love the annual comparisons. Thanks for bearing with this sentimental Mommy. ;)


  1. Goodness, Gunnar looks like he grew a foot over the past year!! They are getting so big.

  2. I am glad your first week of school was like mine:)
    Your kids are sure growing up they
    Are darling!